We are Elektrosonic Electronics Corp. cc
We specialize in research, development and installation of...
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Intercom systems, PA systems and custom solutions.
We install Securewise and Hikvision
Close Circuit TVs (CCTV) are a great way to monitor various areas of your business, all from a central location. They also are an invaluable resource for your security team to keep a watchful eye.
Some of the brands we work with are Toa and Ahuja.
Whether you're a large outdoor park or an indoor factory, office environment, Public Address Systems (PA Systems) can help you get your message out to anyone and everyone all at once. Through a microphone, amplifier and series of loudspeakers, a PA system easily lets a single voice be heard by a large crowd.
We install Fermax, Aiphone, Commax, Farfisa and Microsound
Through the use of built-in speakers and microphones, an intercom system can connect various points of a location for communication purposes. A stand-alone voice communication system, intercoms are often used to quickly and easily share information inside of a large building.
LED lighting, Timers, Counters, Nurse call systems, AC/DC converters, Sequential controls, PABX to PA interface, etc.
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, as are the needs of individuals and businesses. To keep up with demand, Elektrosonic Electronics Corp is available for consulting and creating custom products to suit your electronic communication needs.
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Since January of 1967, Elektrosonic Electronics Corp has been a leading installer and manufacturer of high-tech business electronics including Closed Circuit TVs, Intercom Systems, and Public Address Systems. Company founder Charles Sacks is still an extremely active member of the company, ensuring that every client is given close personal attention. Whether large or small, every single client is successfully fitted with the equipment that best suits their needs.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Elektrosonic is more than just supply and installations of CCTV, PA Intercoms, keypads, nurse-call systems and more, we are also a fully-fledged hub that is heavily involved in research & development and manufacturing of special items to order - like Quizmaster Referee.

With a client list that includes Coca Cola Canners, Table Mountain Cableway, and Woolworths, Elektrosonic Electronics Corp is one of the industry's leading experts. On a regular basis, we proudly share our opinions on the future of electronics with the media. It is our challenge and our pleasure to provide you with the perfect solution to your electronics issues.


1. After being told he'd need between 21 and 24 loudspeakers, a client asked our opinion for his PA system. We did the math and quoted him on just 7 loudspeakers. He thought we were crazy but after we set things up for him (Promising we'd remove it free of charge if he's not 100% satisfied), he was shocked at how perfect it worked.

2. When a large, popular International business had issues with its PA system, they contacted several companies to fix it. None of them could figure out the problem. Using a scientific approach, it took us just 30 minutes to identify the problem and quickly resolve it.

3. One type of test device we created for our technicians is one which allows for the easy tracing of certain types of intercom faults in apartment buildings. These devices work quickly and save a tremendous amount of time in fault-finding.

4. To help save money on a company's electric bill, we created a circuit and fitted it on the three levels of a garage parking area. When people were in the garage, the lights would switch on for 10 minute period. This system substantially reduced the overall electricity costs.

5. When the Table Mountain Cableway company couldn't use a special type of microphone for their cable cars, we designed, built, and fitted a custom adaptor. Now they can use any type of universal microphone in their cable cars.

To receive a free quotation, or for any questions, please contact us via email or phone for faster service.
Our offices:
2 Wesley Street
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: 076-130-4661